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6 Attractions not to miss in Naivasha

When someone mentions Naivasha, you immediately get lost in a world of fun-filled fantasy and greatness thanks to the town’s reputation as a premier tourist destination in Kenya. What Naivasha assures all its revellers and visitors alike is that you can never run out of things to do or places to visit.

Accommodation in Naivasha is known to be top-notch in recent times and with other wonderful things in the offing including a wide array of birdlife, stunning hills, lake and mountain views and the huge diversity of animal and plant life can’t go without mention.

If visiting Naivasha is on your bucket list these 6 attractions will come a long way in making your trip memorable.

Crescent Island
Boasting of having the most animals per acre than any other place on Kenyan soil, Crescent island will surely be the perfect way to kickstart your Naivasha expedition.
With such density of animals in a single place, your eyes will surely be treated to an amazing animal view all day without interruption.


Ol Karia
Kenya, widely known for being trendsetters across the region have a one of kind Geothermal power station based in the Hells gate. Apart from providing you with ample time to learn the essence of power production and distribution, you’ll also get to admire the engineering prowess displayed at the scene.
A trip to Ol Karia wouldn’t be complete without swimming at the Ol Karia spa. The naturally heated water draining at the pool makes the whole experience wholesome.

Kariandusi Pre Historic Site
You must have at least heard or seen somewhere that Kenya is regarded as the cradle of mankind. Well, at the Kariandusi Pre Historic Site you get to live and experience the real deal. Get to learn more about fossils that date millions of years ago.
A date with the Kariandusi Pre Historic Site will surely take you back in time and its proximity with lake Elementaita will ensure that the fun doesn’t just stop at that.


Crater lake
The crater lake is a unique gate away as it provides much more than just sightseeing. The green volcanic lake’s location is suitable for a couple of activities should you decide to visit the site. Along the way, there the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary will capture your attention in more ways than one, be it the terrain or the wildlife your mind will surely be engrossed.
The hiking trails to the lake will open your hamstrings as you thrive to get the best view of the lake.

Mt Longonot
Mt Longonot is the only mountain of its kind in Kenya being a Dormant volcano. You’ll never lack company or miss a contingent of people making their way up the mountain should you decide to visit. Just like many other spots in Naivasha, you’ll never miss a wide variety of wildlife and neither will you miss a majestic view stretching to lake Naivasha. The crater is the perfect icing on the cake regarding the fun you will experience.

Lake Oloiden
Perhaps you have never heard of that name before but it surely holds the magic about an amazing aqua life at the lake. It is the least spoken about and visited site in Naivasha due to its location as tourists assume, they’ve seen the end of the lake.

The sprawling lake will provide you with a quiet and serene boat ride as you enjoy the perfect flamingo view.

Issues like finding cottages in Naivasha are thing of the past with hoteliers and other investors alike investing heavily to make sure Naivasha stays afloat as one of the best destinations not only in Kenya but also in the region.

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