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3 of the most visited attraction sites in Naivasha

Naivasha has become one of the most in-demand tourist destinations courtesy of the beehive activities in the offing. Not only does accommodation in Naivasha make it a prime place to vacate but also its strategic positioning and proximity to Nairobi makes it a very viable destination.

Affordable hotels in Naivasha also play a significant role in ensuring Naivasha is never short of fun lovers looking for the perfect gate away spot. Naivasha is made up of very welcoming people always ready to embrace new faces and make you feel at home from the word go. Blend that with the culture, food and the quality lodges in Naivasha and you will have yourself a moment of your lifetime.

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Why Fina Gardens Resort should be on your bucket-list of cottages in Naivasha

Are you hunting for the perfect gate away to escape the Nairobi Hullabaloo? Look no further because Fina Gardens has got you covered. Finding accommodation in Naivasha has never been easier as it is now with sprawling hotels and cottages coming up at a substantial pace. Cottages in Naivasha lead the way as the most preferred space to book accommodation by tourists and revelers alike.

Just a 10-minute drive from Lake Naivasha, Fina Gardens Resort is located 400 meters off the Moi South lake road which is 1.6km from the Mai Mahiu junction. Regardless of the nature of your visit Fina Gardens Resort is suited to offer kings welcome and top of the art hospitality. Be it corporate, family vacation, church retreat you name it, Fina Gardens Resort will be up to the task and offer nothing short of excellence.

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