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  • How To Enjoy Your City Break In Naivasha

    City life certainly has its merits. However, as with most things, it sometimes pays to take a break and take in some clean air. And what better way than camping in Naivasha? There’s a good reason why Naivasha has become one of Kenya’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Its geography, natural beauty & biodiversity, accessibility and […]

  • How To Save Money While Traveling in Naivasha

    How To Save Money While Traveling in Naivasha   The bubbly township of Naivasha, and its environs, provide a plethora of attractions to explore and activities to partake in. When it comes to all the things you can get up to, the only limit to your experience, is your budget. That being said, “securing accommodation […]

  • Hotels in Naivasha near the lake

    Naivasha’s dominance as a top tourist destination is poised to continue with more hotels still coming up in the vibrant lake town. Weddings, vacations and team building are among the key reasons that make Naivasha receive a huge influx of people. Ready accommodation in Naivasha has also played a significant role with more hotels equating […]

  • The Dos and Don’ts for picking wedding venues

    Selecting the right wedding venue determines the outcome of your big day. Choosing the perfect venue, however, is often a daunting task for many to be couples. This is because one is trying to balance logistics, financial constraints whilst hoping to keep everyone happy. When going through wedding packages in Kenya, the venue should garner […]

  • 5 reasons why team building works for businesses

    Team building can be the solution to about every other internal problem affecting your business. Despite this known fact, it rarely gets the significance it should be accorded by many businesses. Embracing team building events would be the perfect avenue to improve productiveness in your organization.  Team building in Naivasha is setting precedence as one […]

  • 6 experiences not to miss in Naivasha during the African Rally Championships

    Naivasha is known for a host of great reasons including majestic views and wonderful terrain. Come June, the town will make headlines for a completely different reason with the classic Safari rally making its long-awaited comeback to Kenyan soil. Naivasha was chosen as the host town of the rally with the drivers set to snake […]

  • Top attractions to experience in Naivasha this Easter

    Easter is here. Despite it being the second in wake of a global pandemic, what remains constant is that the Easter holidays provide ample time for many Kenyans to clear their minds through travel. Accommodation in Naivasha, amongst a myriad of other reasons, makes it a prime location to spend your Easter holidays. With many […]

  • How to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date in Naivasha

    Picking the perfect date for Valentine’s Day can be daunting.  People tend to think that the task becomes more comfortable with each passing year in a relationship, but shockingly enough, each year comes with its share of difficulties. Especially thriving to be unique and break the monotony of the previous Valentine’s Day dates. Of the […]

  • A typical Wildlife Safari in Naivasha

    Taking a safari in Naivasha is miles apart from your typical safari that would happen in any other location in Kenya. A lot of people argue that Naivasha is the sugar, spice and everything nice when talking destinations. Naivasha has a rare pinch of uniqueness that can only be found in the town. That not […]

  • 6 Attractions not to miss in Naivasha

    When someone mentions Naivasha, you immediately get lost in a world of fun-filled fantasy and greatness thanks to the town’s reputation as a premier tourist destination in Kenya. What Naivasha assures all its revellers and visitors alike is that you can never run out of things to do or places to visit. Accommodation in Naivasha […]

  • 3 of the most visited attraction sites in Naivasha

    Naivasha has become one of the most in-demand tourist destinations courtesy of the beehive activities in the offing. Not only does accommodation in Naivasha make it a prime place to vacate but also its strategic positioning and proximity to Nairobi makes it a very viable destination. Affordable hotels in Naivasha also play a significant role […]

  • Why Fina Gardens Resort should be on your bucket-list of cottages in Naivasha

    Are you hunting for the perfect gate away to escape the Nairobi Hullabaloo? Look no further because Fina Gardens has got you covered. Finding accommodation in Naivasha has never been easier as it is now with sprawling hotels and cottages coming up at a substantial pace. Cottages in Naivasha lead the way as the most […]



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