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The Dos and Don’ts for picking wedding venues

Selecting the right wedding venue determines the outcome of your big day. Choosing the perfect venue, however, is often a daunting task for many to be couples. This is because one is trying to balance logistics, financial constraints whilst hoping to keep everyone happy.

When going through wedding packages in Kenya, the venue should garner the most importance. Here are a few dos and don’ts on how to go about it.

Do your research

While you may have your heart set on a specific location for your dream wedding, it’s always a good idea to shop around and pre-select a few venues to see which one best meets your demands.

A property may appear to be the ideal location at first glance, but upon deeper inspection, you may discover that it lacks some of the key features you seek in a venue.

Bring your partner on the venue tour

Mutual understanding before choosing a wedding venue is key. Both of you should embrace the venue as your ideal spot before moving on with further plans.

One of the first things to consider is whether the venue will be able to accommodate all the fun activities you plan to indulge in.

Don’t make any assumptions

A perfect wedding can only be pulled by ensuring all the fine details are well covered. Making assumptions might cost you a big deal on the D-day. Enquire about all the fine details before committing.

Many wedding packages in Kenya provide other extra services like dining, banquet or photography at an extra cost.  Getting such details earlier will aid you to prepare better.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

You can discuss how various components of your wedding will be handled depending on your destination. If you hire a private venue, you’ll have a far better chance of getting a good bargain on your vendors, wait staff, musicians, and other services.

While at it, don’t forget to have your guests in mind. Just like you, they also need to have a good time to make the day memorable.

Budget accommodation in Naivasha has made the town become a leading wedding destination in Kenya. A huge chunk of wedding packages in Kenya will have Naivasha in its rosters.

5 reasons why team building works for businesses

Team building can be the solution to about every other internal problem affecting your business. Despite this known fact, it rarely gets the significance it should be accorded by many businesses.

Embracing team building events would be the perfect avenue to improve productiveness in your organization.  Team building in Naivasha is setting precedence as one of the top spots to hold such an event for your business.

Most team building locations in the town are of comparable or higher quality than wedding venues in Naivasha.

Here are a few reasons why your business should embrace team building

Increases productivity

For a team-building exercise to be successful, members of each team need to work together to achieve required tasks. To do so, team members resort to the division of duties. Employing this method in your work ensures that tasks get completed faster hence improve overall productivity.

Encourage creativity

creativity is essential when trying to solve a complex task. It’s an important attribute in a team-building setup to come up with new ways to go around the task at hand. This, therefore, encourages team members to listen to others’ different perspectives and ideas of completing a task. That comes in handy in a work scenario.

Builds Trust

Trust works magic in solving any job thrown in your teams’ way. Team building helps bridge the gap of trust amongst the team, therefore, being open to each other “crazy” ideas.

Better trust ensures that consensus is reached quicker and also instilling the all-important proactiveness within the business.

Enhances communication

Improved communication between employees is maybe the most important advantage of a well-planned team building activity. Employees may get to know one another better, gain a better understanding of one another, and break down barriers of mistrust by encouraging better communication to conclude tasks

It enables people to put new skills into practice.

Effective team development is also skill-oriented, leaving participants with new abilities or information that they can use to help the firm achieve its objectives.

Just like budget accommodation in Naivasha, team building services aren’t priced over the roof. Availability of self catering cottages in Naivasha is also a plus ensuring team members can employ their team-building skills in a different setting.


6 experiences not to miss in Naivasha during the African Rally Championships

Naivasha is known for a host of great reasons including majestic views and wonderful terrain. Come June, the town will make headlines for a completely different reason with the classic Safari rally making its long-awaited comeback to Kenyan soil.
Naivasha was chosen as the host town of the rally with the drivers set to snake through the challenging route each battling out to be the champion. To enjoy the four-day sporting event you can enjoy the other side of Naivasha that always keeps giving.
Here are six things to enjoy in Naivasha

Any rally enthusiast shouldn’t find it hard sneaking in their hiking shoes to conquer the hills and mountains of Naivasha. Naivasha has a lot of hiking spots in the offing, therefore, requiring only a small journey to get to your favorite spot, regardless of where you’re staying.

After an excruciating day cheering and supporting your favorite rally car, retiring to a campsite sounds like a rejuvenating thing to do. Accommodation in Naivasha comes in many forms and camping is one of them.
With most camping sites being adjacent or near the lake, the sounds of birds chapping or the jaw-dropping sight of the sunrise or sunset will make you want to extend your stay.

Bird Watching
Lake Naivasha national park has the largest collection of bird species than any other place within our borders. In for a little bird seeing? Then you might fancy making a stop at the park for a state of the art bird watching experience.

Boat Riding
A trip to Naivasha is not complete until you experience a boat ride in the scenic lake Naivasha. There are enough riders and boats for everyone irrespective of the number. Just insist on getting your safety gear before hopping into a boat.
To experience the culture and traditions of the Naivasha people first hand, you might want to be a part of the engaging fishing activity that’s the main economic activity of its people. A sweet delicacy of fish to celebrate completing the task will be unforgettable for years to come.

Naivasha terrain will come in handy if you’re a big cycling fan. Many cycling enthusiasts tend to ride to Naivasha every single weekend. The probability to bump into search lifers will come a long way in making your stay memorable. Sites like the Hells Gate National Park provide a unique and entertaining cycling adventure. Bikes for hire is a ‘thing’ Naivasha, getting one won’t be a daunting task.

What’s fun without capturing the moments? With a lot going on in Naivasha, there’ll be a lot to capture during the four-day event. Not only can you capture the rally itself but also all your site seeing escapades during your stay. The beautiful scenery and the great people of Naivasha are memories worth capturing to stay with you for years to come.
Hotels in Naivasha, the hospitality of its people and the weather are just some of the other things that will make your stay unforgettable. Karibu Naivasha!


Top attractions to experience in Naivasha this Easter

Easter is here. Despite it being the second in wake of a global pandemic, what remains constant is that the Easter holidays provide ample time for many Kenyans to clear their minds through travel.

Accommodation in Naivasha, amongst a myriad of other reasons, makes it a prime location to spend your Easter holidays.

With many people finding travelling a distance out of town a cumbersome task, Naivasha still holds its place as one of the easiest places to get to. Its proximity to the city makes it easy for Nairobians to make and execute quick plans with regards to visiting Naivasha.

For the ultimate Easter gate away in Naivasha, here are the top attractions you should consider visiting.

Crescent Island

No other place in the country boasts of having the highest density of wildlife than the crescent island Game Sanctuary. The park provides a once in lifetime experience easily being the only park with wild animals yet you can freely stroll around.

It’s the perfect spot for wildlife sightseeing. There are a bunch of harmless grazers like zebras, gazelles, and impalas to see. Want to enjoy all these while comfortable? Worry not. This is because you can also set an ample picnic site at the park.

Lake Oloiden

The mysterious Lake Oloiden has to be the hidden treasure of Naivasha. The lake was previously part and parcel of the sprawling lake Naivasha before its separation. It’s the magnificence of the lake and its surrounding that has attracted high profile tourists like Sir Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemmingway.

You take part in a myriad of activities at the lake. Hippo spotting, bird watching and a boat ride at the angelic lake are among the most favored activities by revelers who visit the lake.

With Easter holidays saving you a couple of days off, you can also opt for camping. Lake Oloiden hosts the most majestic camping spots anywhere in Naivasha.

Mount Longonot National Park

Easter is not a bad time to get your hiking boots and take on the iconic Mt. Longonot. The mountain is close to Nairobi, therefore, making it easy to slot in a day to tackle it. By any mountain standards, Mt. Longonot is quite honestly a fair adventure. You can easily get up there and get down in no time (pun intended)

The hike will be filled with exalted and striking views of Naivasha and its environs. That’s without mentioning the mesmerizing feeling of being at the crater is second to none. Should you intend to extend your adventure by another day or two, cottages in Naivasha provide a serene ambience to indulge in comfort.

TGRV Circuit

Naivasha is not all about wildlife and views after all. The TGRV Circuit provides a host of outdoor fun-filled activities good for families or a group of people. For sports junkies or adrenaline rush seekers, this is the perfect spot to make your Easter holidays a memorable one.

Activities present include go-karting, archery and zip-lining. With numerous go-karting races taking place every weekend, you can treat your eyes to a crazy race.

Staying near most of the attractions sites above is integral to help you experience the best of Naivasha. Many hotels In Naivasha tend to subject many people to long rides before getting to their place of choice. Fina gardens has however broken the glass ceiling due to its proximity to most of the attraction sites in Naivasha.

Easter holidays bring about a couple of free days to indulge in a lot of fun activities, but while at it, don’t forget to do so responsibly. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s utterly important to maintain all the required guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones. Happy Easter!

How to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day date in Naivasha

Picking the perfect date for Valentine’s Day can be daunting.  People tend to think that the task becomes more comfortable with each passing year in a relationship, but shockingly enough, each year comes with its share of difficulties. Especially thriving to be unique and break the monotony of the previous Valentine’s Day dates.

Of the many romantic destinations one can visit in Kenya, Naivasha has set itself apart as one of the most intriguing places a couple can spend their valentine’s day. Its proximity to Nairobi means that one can easily make an impromptu visit to Naivasha make it back to Nairobi on time to handle other issues.

Surprising your better half on this special day is the most challenging task to many. This is large because of what goes behind the scenes in the planning phase of this great day.

Below are some excellent tips that would help you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day date in Naivasha.

Make Reservations at a Restaurant

Fina Gardens Resort

Making reservations in advance is a brutally important task that many often fail to make. With many hotels in Naivasha offering such services, you’ll be spoilt of choices. We at Fina gardens resort offer a perfect spot to unwind on this special day. Our rooms are tastefully furnished to suite the occasion. All rooms are en-suite with hot water, Satellite TV, WIFI, a study area, ample closet space & a veranda with beautiful garden views. To make an early reservation with us book now HERE

Making an early reservation comes in handy in helping you get everything spot on. Doing so makes you make personal requests that may include organizing a surprise package for your better half in conjunction with the staff.

A classic dinner date will surely be memorable, but to beat the evening rush that everyone seems to prefer during Valentine’s day, you can go for a lunch date and set aside the evening for other activities.

Go Camping

Naivasha will never run dry of activities you can engage. Camping is the perfect staycation option for love birds in Naivasha. Taking your love outside the standard hotel setting to an intimate outdoor affair will surely make memories of that special day that lasts a lifetime. While at it, make sure that there is an element of surprise to make a date more worthwhile. Activities you do together while camping leaves a significant long-lasting mark on your relationship.

An Evening Boat Ride at Lake Naivasha

Just picture yourselves on a boat ride reminiscing on your best moments while enjoying the evening breeze and watching the sunset.  To have an uninterrupted time, book yourselves at a place with proximity to all the amenities you’re planning to enjoy. In that way, you’ll only be required to make short trips to and from therefore having more precious time to yourself.

Go on a hike

Lace-up your hiking boots and hit the famous hells gate hiking trail with valentine date. In a very non-typical valentine’s fashion, you’ll be able to step up your valentine’s day by getting out of your comfort zones and hitting the road.

Challenges you encounter and beat together are significant for the health of any relationship. While at it, you will also have deep and meaningful conversations without any distractions. The terrain is also suitably set to provide the best valley scenery and mingling with harmless grazer wildlife at the park.

Knowing what your partner likes comes a long way in ensuring that you create a personalized experience. To have a good taste of what to provide, keep taps with your partners’ preferences, lifestyle, and character. Also, add a pinch of gifting by getting your better half a gift. That can come along as a banquet of flowers, a candle-lit dinner in Naivasha, or a dessert buffet.



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