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How To Save Money While Traveling in Naivasha

How To Save Money While Traveling in Naivasha


The bubbly township of Naivasha, and its environs, provide a plethora of attractions to explore and activities to partake in. When it comes to all the things you can get up to, the only limit to your experience, is your budget. That being said, “securing accommodation in Naivasha” should be the first item on your Trip To Naivasha to-do list.

To this effect, we – Fina Gardens Resort – are one of the most affordable hotels in Naivasha. For as little as Kes. 5,500 per night, you can enjoy quiet and peaceful accommodation with all the amenities you would require for a comfortable stay. Our rooms are tastefully furnished to suit business and leisure travellers alike. They are all en-suite with hot water, Satellite TV, free WIFI, a study area, ample closet space & a veranda with beautiful garden views. Fashioned for lone travellers, a group of friends or colleagues, a sizeable family or a newly wedded couple, our residencies are more than adequately equipped to host a wide range of accommodation needs.

With the matter of accommodation handled, it’s time to make the most of your trip. Here are a few tips on how to have a great experience on a tight budget.

  1. Don’t Come Alone

“The more the merrier”. This saying rings true from a budgetary perspective as well. The more people you can bring along on the ride the better. Not only will the overall experience be better with close friends or family, but the number of people available to split the bills will as well be greater. Fun money-saving fact; A single room for one costs more than a twin room shared between two. So don’t come one, come all.

  1. Local Transport & Travel

Exploration is a given when vacationing or camping in Naivasha. No one comes all the way to simply sit in a hotel room. That being said, your adventurous escapades will require you to move around quite a bit. Using public modes of transportation such as “boda-bodas” and matatus to get around as opposed to taxis and tour vans, while not as convenient or luxurious, will surely be kinder to your wallet.

  1. Pick A Strategic Residence Location

When seeking accommodation in Naivasha, it would be prudent of you, from a financial standpoint, to pick a geographically central location. Fina Gardens Resort, for instance, located 400m off Moi South Lake Road on the eastern shores of Lake Naivasha, offers cheap and easy access to a vast majority of sites and attractions. While residencies on the outskirts of town may offer more seclusion, moving to and from them will cost you more time and money. And God forbid you forget your camera batteries in the hotel room, a quick rush back will certainly be out of the question.

  1. Eat Out

Part of the allure of staying at a nice lakeside hotel or resort is getting to enjoy the fine restaurant dining experience. Eating food prepared and served by renowned chefs and highly-trained service personnel certainly has its appeal. It however comes at a cost, oftentimes, quite a hefty one. For a more pocket-friendly, and perhaps more adventurous experience, one might opt to catch a meal at one of the many “choma-zones” and eateries the town has to offer. Whatever food group you’re interested in, Naivasha can deliver. So get out there and see what you can find.

  1. Look The Part

Lastly, it helps to, as much as possible, blend into the local population. “Tourists get tourist rates”. So looking like just another local, is a neat and somewhat cheeky way of saving a buck or two. It doesn’t hurt in the long run, plus it’s a great way of learning the local culture.

All in all, Naivasha is an amazing travel destination with loads to offer. Whether you’re camping in Naivasha, attending a wedding or testing out one of the best Naivasha conference venues, you are guaranteed to have a memorable stay. Doing so whilst keeping spending low comes down to doing your own research and making smart and informed decisions. And when it comes to accommodation in Naivasha, Fina Gardens Resort is certainly the smartest choice.


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