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Top attractions to experience in Naivasha this Easter

Easter is here. Despite it being the second in wake of a global pandemic, what remains constant is that the Easter holidays provide ample time for many Kenyans to clear their minds through travel.

Accommodation in Naivasha, amongst a myriad of other reasons, makes it a prime location to spend your Easter holidays.

With many people finding travelling a distance out of town a cumbersome task, Naivasha still holds its place as one of the easiest places to get to. Its proximity to the city makes it easy for Nairobians to make and execute quick plans with regards to visiting Naivasha.

For the ultimate Easter gate away in Naivasha, here are the top attractions you should consider visiting.

Crescent Island

No other place in the country boasts of having the highest density of wildlife than the crescent island Game Sanctuary. The park provides a once in lifetime experience easily being the only park with wild animals yet you can freely stroll around.

It’s the perfect spot for wildlife sightseeing. There are a bunch of harmless grazers like zebras, gazelles, and impalas to see. Want to enjoy all these while comfortable? Worry not. This is because you can also set an ample picnic site at the park.

Lake Oloiden

The mysterious Lake Oloiden has to be the hidden treasure of Naivasha. The lake was previously part and parcel of the sprawling lake Naivasha before its separation. It’s the magnificence of the lake and its surrounding that has attracted high profile tourists like Sir Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemmingway.

You take part in a myriad of activities at the lake. Hippo spotting, bird watching and a boat ride at the angelic lake are among the most favored activities by revelers who visit the lake.

With Easter holidays saving you a couple of days off, you can also opt for camping. Lake Oloiden hosts the most majestic camping spots anywhere in Naivasha.

Mount Longonot National Park

Easter is not a bad time to get your hiking boots and take on the iconic Mt. Longonot. The mountain is close to Nairobi, therefore, making it easy to slot in a day to tackle it. By any mountain standards, Mt. Longonot is quite honestly a fair adventure. You can easily get up there and get down in no time (pun intended)

The hike will be filled with exalted and striking views of Naivasha and its environs. That’s without mentioning the mesmerizing feeling of being at the crater is second to none. Should you intend to extend your adventure by another day or two, cottages in Naivasha provide a serene ambience to indulge in comfort.

TGRV Circuit

Naivasha is not all about wildlife and views after all. The TGRV Circuit provides a host of outdoor fun-filled activities good for families or a group of people. For sports junkies or adrenaline rush seekers, this is the perfect spot to make your Easter holidays a memorable one.

Activities present include go-karting, archery and zip-lining. With numerous go-karting races taking place every weekend, you can treat your eyes to a crazy race.

Staying near most of the attractions sites above is integral to help you experience the best of Naivasha. Many hotels In Naivasha tend to subject many people to long rides before getting to their place of choice. Fina gardens has however broken the glass ceiling due to its proximity to most of the attraction sites in Naivasha.

Easter holidays bring about a couple of free days to indulge in a lot of fun activities, but while at it, don’t forget to do so responsibly. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s utterly important to maintain all the required guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones. Happy Easter!

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